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North-South Connection: Partnership for a more just world between European and African schools
Issue #2   April 2014

Dear Friend of the World,
Keeping you up to date with news, events, and resources, we are sending you the second issue of the Bulgaria-Ghana schools connect newsletter, part of the Global Schools Connect project. You can send your comments and ideas for news to include @ Nadezhda and the project team


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School Projects

Schools in Ghana and Bulgaria are starting work on their second joint projects. Explore photos, videos, presentations, reports and more:

La Presby and 22SOU @ blog   - Global conflict
Holy Trinity and 18SOU @ blog - Education
Salem SHS and Romain Rolland @ Facebook - Poverty
OSU presby and 2SOU @ Facebook group - Health

Food waste reduction

Food Waste, 18SOU

Following the screening and discussion of the Taste the Waste documentary students from 18 SOU prepared questions and conducted an interview with a supermarket manager about food waste in Bulgaria. See their presentation and ideas for protecting the environment by reducing food waste @ SlideShare  

More information, tools, and teaching materials on food preservation @ Love Food Hate Waste

Health rules

Golden Rules to Stay Healthy, 2 SOU

Students from 2 SOU and PRESEC OSU are working on their second theme - Health. They prepared posters about the Golden Rules to Stay Healthy: more balanced diet, less junk food, more sports, less TV, and being kind to others are just some of them. See photos @ Google+ 

They also presented info about The Most Dangerous Disease HIV/AIDS and why we should work to stop it.


Earth Day

Earth Day 22 April

Earth Day marks the importance of each person to make a difference for preserving the environment. Coordinated by the Earth Day Network it is celebrated in various ways in 192 countries.

Students from 2 SOU prepared a presentation about the history and results of Earth Day around the world. Find out why we must protect mother Earth @ SlideShare 

World Water Day

World Water Day 22 March

About 8% of the global energy generation is used for pumping, treating and transporting water to various consumers. Commemorated for more than 20 years, the World Water day aims to raise awareness about the link between water and energy.

Students from HOTCASS prepared a presentation about the importance of water in our lives and its preservation. See more @ Scribd 


The World in the classroom

The World in the Classroom - Guidebook

The guide book provides a theoretical and methodological basis on how to use school partnerships to integrate the global dimension in the teaching and specific suggestions for joint activities for each Millennium Development Goal part of the Global Schools Connect project 

Read the guidebook @ ISSUU 

Cell Phones in the Classroom

How Teachers Make Cell Phones Work in Class

The idea of mobile learning touches on just about every subject that any technology addresses: social media, digital citizenship, content-knowledge versus skill-building, Internet filtering and safety laws, teaching techniques, bring-your-own-device policies, school budgets.

Read more @ MindShift 

Teaching Happiness

Teaching Happiness, Hope & Optimism

ICEP Europe (Institute of Child Education and Psychology) offers scholarships  to Action for Happiness members for their tutor-led on-line courses related to happiness. 
- Teaching Happiness: Positive Psychology for Behaviour and Learning
- Teaching Hope & Optimism: Positive Psychology in Action

More info @ Action for Happiness  and UC Berkley