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North-South Connection: Partnership for a more just world between European and African schools
Issue #6   What went on in August 2014

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Adinkra symbols in Bulgaria

Bulgarian children had the opportunity to print traditional Ghanaian Adinkra symbols on clothing. This happened at the Beglika Festival in the Rhodopi mountains in Bulgaria, where the Center for Inclusive Education organized a global education workshop.

Bulgarian students take part in Eurolinks 2014 Summer Camp

Students from all four Bulgarian schools participating in the Nort-South connection project took part in the Eurolinks Summer Camp in Zgornje Jezersko, Slovenia. There they were able to meet students from the other European countries participating in the project and made presentations about their work with their Ghanaian counterparts. 

Find out more about what happened at the summer camp here

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International Youth Day, 12 August

This year's celebration of the International Youth Day was dedicted to raising awarreness about mental health. Young people with mental health conditions arre often victims of discrimination and exclusion. 

Learn more about this problem and what is being done to tackle it on iaymh.org.

International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition, 23 August

The 23 August is the the international day for the commemoration of one of the greatest crimes against humanity - the Slave Trade. Its purpose is to draw attention to this tragedy as well as to the global transformations and the shared heritage that resulted from it. 

Learn more about how UNESCO promotes intercultural dialogue through its Slave Route Project.


Fresh teaching ideas for the new school year

With the start of the new school year approaching in both Ghana and Bulgaria it is time for teachers to gear up with new ideas for class activities.

Here you will find suggestions on how to turn learning into fun using various approaches - from online tools to making students use their mobile devices for studying to creating your own textbook.

First Day of School Celebrations around the World

Did you know that in Saudi Arabia the first day of school is celebrations last for three days? In Bulgaria and Turkey it is customary for students to give flowers to teachers, and in Germany they give ''Schultute" or school cones to students.

Find out how the First Day of School is celebrated around the World.

Slow Education Movement

Today, more than ever before, we live in a fast moving world and education has not been left behind. With new technology offering endless amounts of information only one click away, it is important for teachers to be able to handle these tools properly.

Shelley Wright advocates for a new approach to the contemporary challenges with the idea for a Slow Education Movement.