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North-South Connection: Partnership for a more just world between European and African schools
Issue #7   What went on in September 2014

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Dive into more news, events, and resources, in the fourth issue of the Bulgaria-Ghana schools connect newsletter, part of the Global Schools Connect project. Send your comments and ideas for news @ Dimitar and the project team


Bulgarian students talk about North-South Connection on the National Radio

Four Bulgarian students who participate in the North-South Connection project were invited to talk about their experience on the Bulgarian National Radio. They shared their thoughts about getting to know Ghanaian people and culture as well as their impressions from the Eurolinks summer camp.

Beginning of the new School year

September marks the beginning of the school year in both Bulgaria and Ghana. Check out these 10 tips rock your brand new school year as well as this motivational video from Kid President.

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Founder's day in Ghana, 21 September

On September, 21 Ghana celebrates Founder's Day, a holiday dedicated to the people whose efforts made it possible for the country to gain its independence. The choice of the date is not random as it is the birthday of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's - the country's founder and first president. 

You can learn more about Dr. Nkrumah and the "Big Six" here.

Independence Day in Bulgaria, 22 September

On September, 22 Bulgaria celebrated the 106th anniversary of its independence from the Ottoman Empire. The holiday was celebrated across the country, with the main focus being on Veliko Tarnovo - the medieval capital of Bulgaria where independence was proclaimed in 1908.  


Africa Also Smiles: a cross curricular resource about the African Continent

Escaping stereotypes and giving students a realistic view of the world we are living in is a focal point of the North-South connection project. "Africa Also Smiles'' is a cross-curricular resource that offers teachers a number of games, activities and discussion topics based on Africa, which can be integrated in classes such as geography, civic, social and political education, English and history.

You can download it from here.

Student-centered learning

The traditional approach to high school education consists of a teacher passing information to the student with little or no input from the latter. In the 21st century, however, this approach is shifting and students are becoming active actors in the educational process. Check out these resources on student-centered learning that will help you change things in the classroom.

Good practice guidelines for development education in schools

The teachers from the North-South connection project have a solid experience in teaching development education. To further expand their qualification, they will surely find it useful to learn about the good practices in this field. These guidelines are a compilation of case studies and potential opportunities that can be used in schools to integrate development education in the curricula.