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Summer Camp "Eurolinks"

North-South Connection: Partnership for a more just world between European and African schools

Issue #1   September 2014

Dear Friend of the World,

This is the first Slovene newsletter in the frame of the project "North-South Connection" and it will deal with the Summer Camp "Eurolinks"! Students from secondary schools of Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary and Slovenia spent one week in Jezersko, Slovenia, and presented their projects with the African schools, their own countries and cultures.

New friendships, new joint team projects, new ideas for the future were born, as part of the Global Schools Connect project.


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72 European students and project team in Slovenia

Pictures by Juraj Baškarad

Looking back at the Summer Camp "Eurolinks"

From the 10th to the 15th of August 2014, the European students, teachers and national project coordinators finally met in Zgornje Jezersko (Slovenia), for one week of cultural exchange and inspiration for new ideas! Students and teachers from Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary and Slovenia presented their schools' projects with the African partners and their country's culture and tradition. They also attended interesting workshops on important topics, such as racism and stereotypes, the environment and how to recycle and create with garbage, how to manage conflicts and how the food we eat every day comes to our plates. Last but not least, joint teams were created to brainstorm and develop new ideas for the future; the students addressed important issues such as gender equality, getting to know other cultures and global education.

For more detailed information, visit our Facebook page: Global Schools Connect and you will find more articles and pictures of the Summer Camp!

Joint Team Projects

"Educate ourselves to educate others"

The students' project aims at providing knowledge to African students in a original and sustainable way: European students will collect the notes they take during their own lessons and upload them on a Facebook page they share with the African partner. Eventually, a printed textbook with all the notes will be created and sent to African schools.

(Joint Team #5)

Pictures by Juraj Baškarad

"Inform your surroundings"

 The students focused on the importance of spreading the word about the already existing project ("North-South Connect") among their school mates and their local communities. The objective will be achieved through flyers, posters, newspaper articles, radio commercials, lectures and presentations, Facebook and African music.

(Joint Team #4)


 Pictures by Juraj Baškarad

Workshops and activities

Recycling and Art

 "Meeting people from different countries"

"Learn from the differences"

"Have a good time together"

These are just a few expectations that were transformed in art pieces by the students, who used just recycled waste material and their creativity! Thanks to the facilitators Sonja and Ksenja for the inspiration!   

Pictures by Juraj Baškarad

Discovery of the surroundings with Matej

 The students had the chance to walk in the wonderful surroundings of Jezersko and discover a whole range of herbs and flowers and their properties. Matej Tonejec, the local guide, introduced them to the natural treasures of the valley and held a demonstration of how a trained rescue-dog can locate missing people. 


Pictures by Juraj Baškarad

Impressions from the students

"The workshops were very good and challenging. I felt that I learned a lot."

"Good ideas to continue working with the African schools."

"I learnt that cultural differences can be overcome."

"I'm still interested in learning about different cultures and traditions."

"Now I can think differently about global issues."

Coming soon: Issue #2

From the 7th to the 14th of September, 5 teachers and project coordinator from Ghana came to Ljubljana, Slovenia for a study visit and had the chance to meet the Slovenian students! More about it on the next Slovenia Newsletter, Issue #2.






Picture: Ghanaian teachers in Šolski center Ravne, Srednja šola, Ravne na Koroškem.

Pictures by Ivan Kolenko







Picture: Ghanaian teachers in Ekonomska šola Celje, Celje. 

Pictures by Ivan Kolenko

A big THANK YOU for the collaboration in the project goes to...

Artemisszió Foundation (Hungary)

O3V (Denmark)

Global School Partnerships Denmark (Denmark)

Center for Inclusive Education (Bulgaria)

Institute Voluntariat (Slovenia)

EHT-network (Ghana)

OFP – One Family People (Sierra Leone)

Amani Kibera (Kenya)

Bulgarian schools:

2 General School „Emilian Stanev”, Sofia

18 General School „William Gladstone” , Sofia

22 General School „Georgi Rakovski”, Sofia

Gymnasium for foreign languages „Romain Rolland”, Stara Zagora

Danish schools:

Vordingborg Gymnasium og HF, Vordingborg

Nykøbing Katedralskole, Nykøbing

Slagelse Gymnasium, Slagelse

Rungsted Gymnasium, Rungsted

Hungarian schools:

Arany János Primary and Secondary School, Budapest

ELTE Apáczai Csere János Practice Secondary School, Budapest

Fényi Gyula Jesuit Secondary School and Dormitory, Miskolc

Saint Stephen Church Primary and Secondary School and Dormitory, Makó

 Slovenian schools:

Šolski center Ravne, Srednja šola, Ravne na Koroškem

Ekonomska šola Celje, Celje

Šolski center za pošto, ekonomijo in telekomunikacije, Ljubljana

Srednja šola za gostinstvo in turizem Maribor, Maribor



The project is co-funded by the European Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.




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