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Issue #8   What went on in October 2014

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Disco Soup at 18 Sou

The students from 18 SOU in Sofia took part in a Disco Soup event to celebrate the International Food Day 16 October. With the help of the Bulgarian Food Bank who provided discarded vegetables, a cooking event was organized at the school kitchen. The students sorted, peeled and cooked over 20 kg of carrots, cucumbers and onions, that would otherwise be thrown away. The purpose of the vents was to promote the fight against food waste.

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World Teachers' Day, 05 October

Achieving universal primary education is one of the MDGs to be attained by 2015 set by the UN. However, the statistics show the world is short of some 1.4 million teachers to achieve this. This is why this years celebration of the World Teachers Day was under the motto: ''Invest in the future, invest in teachers!". 

Learn more about the event here.

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, 17 October

Did you know that extreme poverty rates have fallen down 50% since 1990? Despite this success over 10% of the World population is still experiencing hunger. On 17 October the world celebrates the efforts that are being made to fight this global phenomenon.

You can learn more about the Post-2015 Agenda and what is being done to end poverty here.  


Films for Action

Films for Action is an online library for documentary cinema. You can find films on various global and development issues from all the corners of  the world. 

Waste reduction for schools

On this website you will find resources on teaching about recycling and waste management. While it is mainly for teachers, it can also be interesting for students and might give you some new ideas on how to make a change at your school or your neighborhood.


Culturecrossing is a community built website that offers various and interesting information about the cultures and practices around the world.