DISABILITY AND POVERTY – The project focused on the challenges and obstacles that the disabled children and youngsters people face, what obstacles poverty may mean to them and also how much their primary school education can be improved.

Watch the movies and the presentations created by students: HERE!

Sierra Leone: Kelly’s Vocational Agricultural Secondary School, Hastings

Hungary: Saint Steven Church School, Makó

Final teaching plan_Mako_Kelly




FIGHTING POVERTY – What causes poverty? How others perceive it? What can we do to change the situation? Can we attract supporters from our communities? The activities are grouped in introduction, awareness raising, and research on the topic.

Bulgaria:  Jivka Dimitrova and Maria Sandeva, School for foreign languages Romain Rolland, Stara Zagora

Ghana: Michael Agbevem and Moses Fiadzigbe, Salem Senior High School, OSU Accra

Teaching Plan Romain-Rolland & Salem SHS

Photo essay about poverty (Salem SHS OSU)
▪ Poverty causes and influence on health and environment presentations (R.Rolland)


MDG 1 – ERADICATION OF POVERTY (project work in progress)- The aim was to shed light on the MDGs but also personalise them, i.e. make it possible for the students to relate to the goals on a personal level. Therefore, not only have Danish students read different texts, but they also presented personal facts about their income and spending compared it with the $1 a day facts. The presentation of spending led to an overall discussion of available income per student and ‘essential’ expenditures.

Some lessons learnt during the first project: Presentation at the summer camp

Denmark: Rungsted Gymnasium

Kenya: Nairobi Day School

Teaching plan Rungsted_Nairobi Day School

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