PARTNERSHIP FOR DEVELOPMENT – The project focuses on discussion questions such as: How much money is spent on development aid – is it spent the right way? How does the aid affect the African population? How many people have gained a better life? Students work together using e-mail, Google Doc, YouTube and Facebook. 

Denmark: Nykøbing Katedralskole

Kenya: Starays Hope Community Center

Teaching plan Nykøbing – Starrays 



COOPERATIVE TEACHING ACROSS CULTURES  Small groups of Danish students deepen their knowledge through independent research related to a specific MDG and seek answers from their Kenyan peers. This way abstract concepts become personal stories as well. 

Denmark: Slagelse Gymnasium

Kenya: Domus Mariae School

Teaching plan Slagelse Domus Mariae Gymnasium


GLOBAL CONFLICT – Why are there conflicts in the world? How do we promote tolerance and peace? Participating schools and leading teachers:

Ghana: Clement Agalic and Harriet Apetorgbor, Presbyterian Senior High School, Accra

Bulgaria: Daniel Hristov, 22 High School Georgi Rakovski, Sofia

Teaching Plan 2_22nd school & Presby LA

▪ Conflict types post (by Presby LA)


NGOs ROLE IN DENMARK AND KENYA: The school project explored how NGOs in Denmark and Kenya with the Post 2015 work goals? More specifcally, students conducted interviews to investigate how education can be a lifechanger.

Look at some photos  illustrating the important work Kibera is undertaking: UN2015 goals in a NGO context

Denmark: Vordingborg Gymnasium

Kenya: HF, Kibera Girls Soccer Academy

Teaching plan Vordingborg_KGSA

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