NUTRITION AND WATER are the main topic of the first joint curricular project  Even if the context and the problems are very different in the partner countries, the main aim is to raise awareness about the connection to health issues (such as access to water, healthy food, hygiene etc), and also to discover the cultural aspects of food.

Hungary: Arany János Secondary School, Budapest

Sierra Leone: Murray Town Junior Secondary School, Freetown

Look at the food diary by students in Sierra Leone: HERE

Watch the Hungarian students’ video response HERE

Final teaching plan_Arany_Murray


Presec-OSU students discussing malaria

Presec-OSU students discussing malaria

HOW TO STAY HEALTHY – To learn about health problems, different diseases in Ghana and Bulgaria, medical treatment, drugs and medical aids, how to stay healthy, exchanging ideas

Bulgaria: Teodora Vasileva and Daniela Dekova, 2 High School Akademik Emilian Stanev (2SOU), Sofia

Ghana: Joseph Ackon Rodne and Enoch Ago, Presbyterian Senior High School (Presec OSU), Accra

Teaching Plan 2: 2nd School & Presec OSU Health

▪ 2nd school posters about healt and HIV/AIDS
Presentations about health, malaria and HIV by 2nd school and Presec-OSU
▪ Presec-OSU photos and video about HIV/AIDS


NUTRITION AND HEALTH – food is an easy entry point to talk about cultural differences and it is also a good way to tackle isssues of global health problems may those be obesity or malnutrition.

Hungary: Fényi Jesuit High School, Mickolc

Sierra Leone: Albert Academy, Freetown

Teaching plan miskolc_albert academy_nutrition


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