EDUCATION AND THE ENVIRONMENT – After an introductory on the geography of Ghana and Slovenia the project focuses on the following themes:
• education: the importance of education, values, habits, personal behaviour
• environment issues: pollution, water supply, the quality of air, recycling of waste
• economic issues: industry and manufacturing, metals (aluminium, steel, lead, plastic, gold, etc.

Ghana: Nglesie Amanfro Senior High School of Ghana, Nglesie

Slovenia: ŠC Ravne, OE Srednja Šola Ravne of Slovenia, Ravne

 Teaching Plan_ŠC Ravne_Ngleshie HS

EDUCATION BROADENS THE MIND  – How do global challenges affect education? What are the Millennium Development Goals? Does studying broaden the mind? How is education organised and ways to tackle illiteracy. Students will delve into these questions.
Participating schools and leading teachers:

BulgariaTeodora Vasileva and Daniela Dekova, 2nd School “Akademik Emilian Stanev” (2SOU – school presentation), Sofia

Ghana: Joseph Ackon Rodne and Enoch Ago, Presbyterian Senior High School (Presec-OSU), Accra

Teaching Plan 1 Schools 2 & OSU

Presentations 2nd school and Presec OSU
▪ Photos 2nd school The price of one t-shirt exercise and education posters
▪ Presec-OSU  photos malaria and postcards


EDUCATION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF A COUNTRY – Why is it important that every child can go to school? Why some students drop out from school? What would I do if I was a headmaster of a school? are some of the questions students and teachers will be exploring in the second half of their partnership.

Participating schools and leading teachers:

Bulgaria: Viktoria Yanchova, Plamena Ilcheva, 18th School “William Gladstone”, Sofia

Ghana: Jeremiah Nettey and Jemima Ntim, Holy Trinity Cathedral Senior Secondary School, Accra

Teaching plan 18th school Holy Trinity 1environment-2edu


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