Disability is not inability

To raise up the issue of disability in the classroom is not always easy. The classes in Makó (Hungary) and in Hastings (Sierra Leone) explored and discussed local realities and problems, collected public opinion, and organised local actions to raise awareness. The students made small researches on what it means to be disabled in the two countries and how poverty influences the lives of the disabled (read the Poverty & disability presentation from Makó).

During the project work, the students in Sierra Leone developed a sketch on polio with two scenarios: in one parents were ignorant of polio and saw it as a result of witchcraft, in the other they had information on polio from a nurse. Once both sketches were developed, the children acted them out before the whole school. At the Hungarian school, students organised a joint sports’ competition (click HERE for photos) involving young people with and without disabilities – it was fun and an important source of learning.

Read the full documentation and the teaching plan of the project: HERE!

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