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Slovenian Visit to Ghana

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The Slovenian teachers’ visit to Ghana took place between 27th September and 5th October 2013. The program of the visit (organised jointly by Voluntariat and EHT-Network) was exciting and educational. The participants (Ghanaian teachers and principles, Slovenian teachers and NGO staff members) took the time to get to know each other and to familiarize themselves with issues related to global education, intercultural education and school partnerships. The Slovenian teachers visited their four Ghanaian partner schools to meet with the pupils and to discover the differences and similarities between the Slovenian and Ghanaian educational systems. Some Ghanaian teachers hosted their Slovenian counterparts in their homes, a demonstration of their hospitality. Students from two schools also performed a cultural performance for the visitors. The partner teachers had two days to plan and present joint curricular projects. The participants also took time to visit the Central Business district and some tourist destinations in Accra as well as the renown Elmina Castle, Kakum National Park and Moree Crocodile Pond. Four members of the team had a live interview with LBC Radio in Accra. All in all, the visit was a good opportunity for the teachers to get to know each other better, plan for joint activities and for Slovenian teachers to get a better understanding of local Ghanaian conditions.

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