The European partnership is composed of the following organizations:


Artemisszió Foundation (Hungary)

Contact: Judit Koppány,

Artemisszio is a private non-profit organization. Its goals are to encourage dialogue and interaction between culturally, ethnically and socially diverse groups, to foster their mutual understanding and to support the social integration of socially and culturally disadvantaged groups. To fulfill these goals, Artemisszio organizes youth mobility programs, intercultural trainings for teachers, social workers and the youth, complex integration projects for migrants, and partners with schools to promote intercultural understanding and global solidarity.

O3V (Denmark)

Contact: Susanne Pascal,

O3V is a Development Education Centre developing educational projects, teaching materials, workshops and cultural events about developing countries and specific global issues in cooperation with other NGOs. O3V was founded in 1990 and bases it work on solid ethnographic knowledge and experience. On this project O3V cooperates closely with Global School Partnerships Denmark.



Global School Partnerships Denmark (Denmark)

Contact: Kristine F. Tolborg,

Global School Partnerships Denmark is a program assisting Danish schools in establishing long-term educational partnerships with schools in developing countries and other countries outside the so-called Western world. The aim is to enhance students’ understanding of the global community they are part of – and their involvement in it.


Centr Incl Edu logo EN hi res

Center for Inclusive Education (Bulgaria)

Contact: Lilia Krasteva,

We work so that every child and all children can go to school together, feel safe, included and valued there, and develop their talents. We do this through trainings and support to teachers, parents and specialist, trainings to children and youth, applied research and creation of educational resources, information campaigns. Our efforts in benefit of children are united under four main pillars of expertise – inclusive education, child protection, child participation and global education. Our partners are schools, parents, other NGOs, municipalities, governmental institutions.



Voluntariat (Slovenia)

Contact: Katja Celin Yere,

Zavod Voluntariat is an organization for international volunteering. Voluntariat aims to promote social justice, sustainable development, global education, international understanding and solidarity, through non-formal education programs targeting mainly youth in voluntary programs, secondary schools, universities, youth centres, and also teachers in schools and youth workers, project managers from other NGOs. It is in charge of coordination of the working group on global volunteering with an aim to advocacy for systematic treatment of global volunteering on national level.



We implement the project in cooperation with the following African NGOs:


EHT-network (Ghana)

Contact: Ebenezer Parditey,

The Embracing Hidden Talents Network (EHTN) works in two main locations in Ghana: the Weija Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, and the Ahanta West District in the Western Region. People in both regions live mostly from fishing, farming, stone quarrying and tourism. Educational levels among the villagers are generally low; EHTN among other things provides additional educational activities for kids from schools and  raises awareness on  issues such as HIV, environmental pollution, other diseases etc.


OFP – One Family People (Sierra Leone)

Contact: Edward Emmanuel Okoh,

The OFP has a broad planned activities ranging from Advocacy on disability, women and children’s rights. The activities undertaking by OFP are: 1. develop Disable Persons Organizations(DPOs) through capacity building, 2. provide socio economic empowerment through traings in Music, Dance, Theatre and Comedy 3. provide health care services for target groups 4. advocate for the provision of their basic necessities such as shelter, education, medical care, food, clothing and basic skills that will improve their lives. 5. undertake in- depth social work with persons with disability and children living and scattered in the streets of Freetown, as well as in temporary delapidated/abandon homes and protections in order to support themselves to create a structured life and achieve sustainable livelihood.


Amani Kibera (Kenya)

Contact:  Benson Ooko Ouma,

Amani Kibera is a non-profit, grassroots organization situated in Mashimoni village of the Nairobi Kibera slums in Kenya. The organization uses integrated actions to improve the conditions of the Kibera community through facilitating initiatives and partnerships that promote peaceful co-existence, health, education, and livelihood opportunities for children, youth and other marginalized groups. This is done via capacity building, information dissemination, and promotion of value based sport and cultural interaction for development.

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