On the relationship between poverty and environment

Written by Daniel Dalyn Tetteh

This article is been written with the millennium goals one and seven in mind. This is not an attempt to justify the success or otherwise of these goals from global perspective. The creation of global platforms such as this will go a long way to create more awareness and get more young people to brainstorm on such global issues that affect them directly or indirectly. The relationship between poverty and the environment are closely linked that you cannot speak about one without the other especially in our part of the world.


North-South connection partnership for a more just world is the theme for this global education project. One may ask, on which basis is this partnership being seen? The global education concept is no doubt one of the most beautiful things that have enable people like us to share our thoughts on this platform.

I would personally like to congratulate the European Union for sponsoring such a project like this that has brought Africans and Europeans (Teachers and Students) together to work towards achieving really a more just world for us all. This project has facilitated the broadening of the minds and the acquisition of research skills of our students.

It is imperative to appreciate the fact that a healthy environment depends largely on the activities of man. Poverty has led to the wanton destruction of the environment in the name of survival. In most developing countries, lip services are paid when it comes to the practical demonstration of protecting the environment. People have always defended their destructive activities to the solving of their poverty situation. These people hide behind survival to cause havoc to the environment leading to many communicable diseases that can easily be eradicated by simple hygiene and appropriate disposal of waste. The lack of political will of our governments to punish offenders of the environment has actually promoted the act. Lack of action to address poverty and environmental issues in developing countries especially in Africa has seen most of the cities grappling with filth as a result of increase in population. The least said about river pollution due to illegal mining activities and the destruction of forest and arable lands the better.

Global education must be seen as a big platform to appeal to the sensibilities of stake holders in addressing poverty and environmental issues for the healthy development of our future generation.



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