Our neighbourhood, our planet

„We should pay more attention to our habitat, to our planet!” – a common consequence drawn by the Hungarian and the Sierra Leonean youngsters during the joint project on waste management. Even if they spotted different problems in their environment concerning littering and pollution, they also agreed that solutions must be present on different levels: individual, structural and infrastructural, and should definitely start from the individual: „They (people) sit back at their houses waiting for the government to do it for them. Even people living in the private houses see their compounds fill with litter but they ignore even when they know it is not hygienic and excessive littering can cause disease.” The students also proposed solutions, and selective waste collection in Alberty Academy (Freetown, Sierra Leone) and creative recycling in Fenyi High School (Miskolc, Hungary) came in the picture, too.

Student essays_Sierra Leone


Read the full documentation of the project: HERE

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