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What is the ’sachet ’ (plastic bag) of water in Sierra Leone, it is the plastic bag of chips in Hungary – the two classes worked on reducing / reusing /upcycling this waste.  The pupils and teachers found creative methods of discovering the topic and doing actions as well. In Hungary, students of Arany High School created a ’chips brigade’ to collect the plastic chips bags which can be used to create new and useful products such as shopping bags of plastic bins.

In Sierra Leone, students of Murray Town School created a drama performance of sensitisation which was shown in 12 different schools throughout Freetown. In addition, they found a way to reuse the plastic bags in the nursery of the school garden and established dustbins in their school.

Two other partner schools (St. Stephens High School in Makó and Kelly’s Vocational School in Hastings) worked on why waste is a global problem, too. The class in Makó joined two ’classic’ initiatives by organising paper collection at their school and by taking part in the ’Let’s clean up Europe’ garbage collection movement.

Learn more about chips brigade!

Waste as a global problem- presentation by the students

Read the full teaching plans: HERE!

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