Summing up the experience from Bulgaria and Ghana

According to the students’ feedback the aspect of the project that the students enjoyed the most was the possibility to get in touch with a culture that was completely new to them. They were able to get a glimpse at each-others daily lives and see beyond the stereotypical perceptions about Africa and Europe. The vast majority of the Bulgarian students say that they found the Ghanaians to be very friendly and positive. This provoked them to reflect on the way people look at their own environment and how they cope with the daily problems.

From the Bulgarian teachers’ point of view, the communication with the Ghanaian side was an excellent occasion for the students to practice their English in real-life situations. This opportunity was welcomed by the teachers, especially since three out of the four are English language teachers. The opportunity to integrate global issues into the curricula was also pointed out as positive, as it diversified the classes and made more interesting for the students. Both Bulgarian and Ghanaian teachers found the possibility to connect with another culture enriching. Even more so, as they were able to travel to each other’s countries and meet the students.

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