The Danish-Kenyan case study is out!


“Leaving Kibera was very difficult. The students and Amani Kibera have gained a place in my heart and I really feel like going back. It is such an interesting place and I have never before met so many smiles” – said one of the Danish teachers after the visit to Kenya.

“I feel inspired by my friend’s cheerfulness and positive attitude to whatever life challenges to her. She is the most inspiring person I have ever known. I have really got a friend who has taught me the most important things in life” – a Danish summed up her experience.

” The positive effect of the project is that it has helped the Kenyan teachers and students understand that the problems they face in their day to day life are global problems and not just their own local problems. They have also discovered that there is a need for global collaboration to resolve the problems being addressed by the MDGs” – concluded the coordinator of Amani Kibera, the Kenyan NGO partner.

In addition to the opportunities, a number of challenges were also revealed, some of which were expected whereas others were unforeseen.

Read more on the lessons learnt: DK_Case study

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