See and hear two students from the Kenyan school Kibera Girls Soccer Academy (KGSA) perform a song about equal rights for women – and people in general:

The students of the Hungarian Apáczai Secondary School went to a waste processing plant to see what happens to the garbage after it is thrown away.

To raise up the issue of disability in the classroom is not always easy. The classes in Makó (Hungary) and in Hastings (Sierra Leone) explored and discussed local realities and problems, collected public opinion, and organised local actions to raise awareness. This video is the final work of the students in Makó.

UPCYCLE! Students of the Apaczai High School in Budapest created stunning fashion art from recycled materials.

Get to know the highlights of the project between Arany High School and Murray Town School: getting to know each, working on issues of nutrition and fighting waste and pollution

Creating friendships, working on water and waste issues, getting to know each other’s cultures- so much fun! Watch and hear students from 8th School “William Gladstone” and Holy Trinity Cathedral Senior Secondary School.

Hear and see how Hungarian students, teachers  sum up their experience over the two years (in Hungarian):

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