Visit of teachers from Ghana

Within the project “North-South Connection: Partnership for a More Just World between European and African Schools”, 5 teachers and their coordinator came from the Ghanaian nongovernmental organization EHT Network for a study visit in Slovenia, from the 7th to the 14th of September. This project was carried out in Slovenia by the organization Zavod Voluntariat and was co-financed by EuropeAID /DEAR and the Ministry RS for Foreign Affairs.

To recap, the aim of the project was to establish partnerships between 16 secondary schools from Europe (Denmark, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovenia) and 16 secondary schools from chosen African countries and to contribute to the development of educational mechanisms for and of global learning in schools through the exchange of information among involved participants.

Concerning Slovenia, four secondary schools (Šolski Center Za Ekonomijo, Pošto In Telekomunikacije V Ljubljani, Ekonomska Šola Celje, Srednja Šola Za Gostinstvo In Turizem Maribor And Srednja Šola Ravne Na Koroškem) were involved and established a cooperation with four partner schools from Ghana.

During the study visit, the presence of the African teachers in the Slovenian schools had several positive effects, such as direct communication between them, the students, the teachers and general public. During their visit, in fact, a presentation of the project for the media and the civil society was organized. The teachers also visited some Slovenian institutions, such as the Ministry RS for Foreign Affairs, the Institute RS for Education and Sloga – the platform of Slovene non-governmental development organizations.

The visit was concluded with a round table titled “School Partnerships: New Form of Colonialism?” and with the presentation of project results and impressions about the partnership.

One of the conclusions of the round table regarded the difficulty within these projects to maintain equality among organizations, since the European financial mechanism for projects allows the distribution of the founds by 80-20 principle, benefitting mainly European countries.

ŠC Ravne
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